GIY (grow it yourself)

GIY is the new DIY. Whether you have a garden or a windowsill, it’s amazingly satisfying to grow your own foods. Not only can you save yourself real money, but you’ll also get fresh, nutritious produce at the same time as cutting down on food miles and lessening your carbon footprint.

It’s easy to become hooked, whether you’re digging ditches or planting up pots. You can use old tyres, tubs, recycled bottles and kitchen waste. Or you can make your own greenhouse or shelter to start your seeds off.

It can be fun as well as helpful to get together with friends and neighbours to swap seeds, seedlings and, ultimately, produce. Sharing resources, gardens, tools and land means we can all get the best of everything.

If you have a big garden you don’t have time to ’till’, how about creating a vegetable patch with someone else? Or if you have no garden at all, you can always put yourself on a local allotment list or perhaps suggest sharing land with neighbours or friends nearby.

And don’t forget, if you have any tips, ideas or experiences to share, please send them in by email and we’ll add them to our Joined Up Living website so everyone can benefit.