Together we’re a genius. We are the solution to our world in crisis.

The Be The Change symposium is a unique day that reveals how we can all realise a bold vision: to create an environmentally sustainable, socially just and personally fulfilling peaceful presence on Earth.

It’s a great chance to gain fresh insights and leave with clarity and confidence about how each of us can help create a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

Come and ‘be the change’ and be part of the new awareness.

“ I thought I already knew about all this but the Symposium really blew me away. I went for some networking and came away better informed, inspired, enthused and equipped to share that enthusiasm…”   JR, Brighton

“I arrived with little expectation and left feeling fired up and positive that there is a solution to our world in crisis – and that no one is too small or insignificant to take part in the change…”   SWA, Lewes

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If you’d like to attend a symposium in the South-east of the UK, please contact us.